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Ex Nihilo: Image


​What if gods needed mortals, more than mortals needed gods?

Deities struggle to fight back against an existential threat which incessantly assaults their divine realms.

Meanwhile, mortals live in a carefully curated paradise, packed with fulfilling yet relatively safe adventure.

Through granting plentiful magical gifts and divine favor, gods secure the worship they need to survive.

Gods scheme and plot to steal away each others worshipers, while struggling to keep what they already have.

Ex Nihilo: Text

With a pantheon of 12 gods and their philosophies, seven custom Ancestries with their history and various heritages, 25 Institutions that vie for power, a plethora of new racial weapons and items, a completely different cosmological hierarchy, and much more.

I've assembled a 10 page sampler of Ex Nihilo below, but players receive a +160 page player's guide, and game masters receive an additional 30 page document full of the setting's history and secrets. The cover depicts Behuo the Harbinger, god of Darkness, Nightmares, Water, and Void.

Ex Nihilo: Pro Gallery


The super-continent of Vetus is home to the vast majority of the world's population.


Savvy mortals climb to positions of power not for power itself, but for the ability to sway public opinion;

gods covet and reward these mortals the most, for they can earn them the devotion of thousands.

And so, Regents do their best to grow their populations, and Leaders do their best to grow their audience.

A city the gods often turn their eyes to is Uldim, a military fortress turned regional trade hub, attracting many from far and wide. Yet Uldim has recently been threatened by a demonic invasion, placing its patron goddess Oma in a precarious situation. Who could be behind this atrocious assault?

Ex Nihilo features special character sheets, with separate sections for encounter, exploration, and downtime.

Sheets are personalized for each character, and also serve as folders to store handouts and item cards.

(Click images to enlarge)

Otake Outside
Otake Inside

Speaking of item cards, here are a few examples. Move them around!

The design and layout for these cards was self-made, but the illustrations are done by various other artists.

Circlet of Blasting
Bag of Nature allies
Bag of Holding
Sending Stone
staff of the python
Javelin of Lightning
deck of illusions

I also have a deck for random encounters, for when players veer off the rails and go in unexpected directions.

Here are a few examples:

The design and layout for these cards was self-made but the illustrations are done by various other artists.

Food for Thought
If Walls Could Talk
Obvious Choice
Loot or Run

Playable races in Ex Nihilo are not your usual elves and dwarves, but instead a product of the world's history and environment. These are some of the composited images I've assembled to bring characters and NPCs to life in my players' minds. Click on the characters to see more info.

These images are composited together from illustrations made by others.

Otake Fulgurs, Legate Wizard

Otake Fulgurs, Legate Wizard

Nymphea, Anxia Summoner

Nymphea, Anxia Summoner

Łʼçïân, Gauth Druid

Łʼçïân, Gauth Druid

Ona, Saerlig Bard

Ona, Saerlig Bard

Daterio, High Administrator of Abyss

Daterio, High Administrator of Abyss

UniTillier, once Legate, now Many

UniTillier, once Legate, now Many

Finally, I believe my player's testimonials speak better for me than anything I could offer.


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