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Outer Realms was my graduation project at Full Sail University. To graduate, students must successfully pitch a game concept to a panel of teachers, or join a project that has already been approved. In my case, I was adamant in creating something that would set myself apart. The following was my pitch to teachers, which was approved with high hopes and expectations. (Keep in mind, this was all a full year before Hearthstone's success.)

After being approved, my team got to work, and it was a grueling process.
As we quickly learned, Unreal Engine 3 (the latest version at the time) was something that had never been used to make card a game. We had to code everything from scratch, with less than two months of time.

Our first prototype wasn't pretty, but it was a big step in the right direction:

Outer Realms WIP.PNG

I was in charge of game mechanics design, but also did some heavy lifting through C++ and Kismet. As the only person with graphic design skills, we realized it could not be a priority, so we made due with whatever we could cobble up quickly. A few examples of the cards made it to the final version:

This was my quick concept art for how the game should look like when finished:

Board image.png

Due to time constraints, our UI was bare-bones, but given our challenge, this was supreme victory. We built the first ever card game for Unreal Engine 3. More than anything else, I am thankful for the experience of successfully leading a team to follow my creative vision.

final screenshot.png

If you wish to try out Outer Realms, you can download it here. If the link is broken, please contact me.

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