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Cosmic gods are locked in a war to save reality, and you must take on their mantle to end the war. Choose from a pantheon of 12 unique Warlocks, traverse the universe to acquire powerful Relics, and gain Devotion by overpowering your enemies, but do so quickly, before the Rift devours reality itself.

Beat your enemies to seal the Rift, and rule over all creation forevermore.

Warlocked has been through a monumental amount of iterations, but its latest prototype is a blend of careful strategy and quick decision-making; a game where wits and diplomacy go hand in hand.

I teamed up with the amazingly talented Adrian Retana to develop a futuristic yet fantastical artstyle.

These are some of the concept images based on each character's unique backstories:

Once concept work was in progress, I began working on various designs for the player boards, which when combined with Adrian's final work, culminated in the sample that you see underneath.

(Each character board comes with that character's information on the reverse.)

The game features a deck of over 100 cards, all with beautiful geometric art, which quickly

and accurately conveys their function. Here is a sample of eight cards. Move them around!


The game also comes with a detailed rulebook, explaining how to setup and play the game.

This version is a bit outdated, but you can flip through its pages to get an idea of what it will look like.

Are you a Publisher or Investor?

Warlocked is near completion of its development and I'm currently looking for investors and/or publishers who share my passion for excellency in board games, because I seek to make Warlocked a product with quality of the highest level.

If you're interested, please contact me.

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