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Pathfinder 2 Free Content

These are small projects I've given out to the community, for free, throughout the years. I've put effort into making them as balanced as possible, but some of it more polished than the rest, so feel free to modify it as you see fit. If you have any feedback, please contact me :)

variant cantrips.png

Electric Arc is the unquestioned go-to damage cantrip in PF2. But spamming Electric Arc is boring, isn't it? What if the rest of the cantrips were closer to Electric Arc's power? This variant for damage cantrips raises the numbers on all cantrips so they each have a valid place in your list of spells, and makes their heightening function at every level, to make them more reliable.

Do you dislike vancian casting? I'm not a big fan of spell slots either. This new spellcasting system is easier to keep track of, allows casters more flexibility in spell level choices, and even includes a risky but fun way to replenish spells, avoiding the feeling that you should wait and have a night’s rest before important battles.

mana casting.png
called shots.png

Do you ever wish you could aim your attacks at a specific body part? Called shots allows you to do exactly that, by taking sizeable penalties to your attack. This variant lets you dictate the odds, and adds a more cinematic feel to special moments.

Characters in PF2 are always aware of threats from any direction and can react to them easily as long as they aren't flanked. But what if encounters used rules for facing and vision that were a bit more realistic? This variant brings you that extra realism.

facing variant.png
kaiodaemon text.png

Kaiodaemons are fiends born from the souls of those burned to death. Their body is burnt black to the point of cracking, and inside, red-hot embers smoke and crackle. Kaiodaemons surprise enemies in closed spaces, trapping them and setting the place on fire, and blasting any who try to escape with searing flames.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a complex psychological condition, and roleplaying a character with multiplicity can be challenging, but don't let that stop you! These tools will help you experience the life of a plural-minded adventurer.

multiplicity background.png
warlock preview.png

The Warlock is one of the most beloved classes in D&D, and there is unfortunately no true analogue to it in PF2. Many have attempted this endeavour, with differing results. My vision attempts to fuse the most memorable of each edition's Warlock. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

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